Word Ninjas!

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As Word Ninjas, this week we've been building an arsenal of weapons to attack unknown words. Here's what we came up with:

Then we explored words in context to try out the strategies. Finally, we've explored the words and written about them using this template

Here's what we came up with when we explored 'nurtured':

Why not use your Word Ninja arsenal to explore some of these words in the same way? 

Tall buildings scratched the sky where birds once (used to) sang.

While people often mix up football with American football, the two sports are not equivalent.

'Can you find an equivalent for 1 litre?' asked the teacher. '1000ml?' asked the student.

This is an improper diet for a growing teenager.

'That's an improper use of class time', said the teacher. 

Google maps simplifies travel while Google search simplifies the process of finding information.

Have a great weekend, and, if you're going on resi, have a fun-filled week!