Year 1: Measurement


Language focus: Demonstrates an understanding of the language of comparing and contrasting. Provides a more extended response to questions using basic syntax.

Measurement has been part of our Maths lessons and it is important that the children know the mathematical terms of this unit.

Here are some of the terms that might be tricky for our learners:

Long and tall

Long: a distance from one end to the other, horizontally.

Tall: a distance from top to bottom, vertically.

The girl in a pink dress is shorter than the girl in a green top.

The girl in a green top is taller than the girl in a pink dress.

Heavy and Light

An elephant is heavy.

An ant is light.

We use heavier than and lighter than when we compare 2 objects.

An elephant is heavier than an ant.

An ant is lighter than an elephant.

Lightest and heaviest are used when we have at least 3 things to compare.

The mouse is the lightest.

The horse is the heaviest.

If you come across anything that will spark a conversation of measuring on your holiday, please talk to your child using these key words. Who is the tallest in the family? Which measuring tool would we use to measure? Who is the lightest? Would you and your sister weigh the same as mum? Is an apple heavier than a banana? Which one of your favourite books is the heaviest? How can you prove it?

Have a fabulous half-term holiday!