Year 1: Synonyms

We use synonyms to make our writing more interesting and less repetitive.

For example:

There was a bad monster standing in front of a big castle.

There was a mean monster standing in front of an enormous castle.

Jake has a cute, small puppy called Fluffy.

Jake has an adorable, tiny puppy called Fluffy.

Mum said, "You can't have any more ice-cream." 

"I want one more scoop!," said Henry.

Mum ordered, "You can't have any more ice-cream."

"I want one more scoop!," shouted Henry.

Here are some words that our children use very often in their writing. Do they know any of the alternatives? 

Even though synonyms have the same meaning, one can be more powerful than the other.  For example:

Lily looks good in her new dress.

Lily looks stunning in her new dress.

Play this game to see how many synonyms you know! 

Have a lovely weekend!

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