Year 5: Diary Writing during Half-term Break

It's hard to believe it's half term already! With two fantastic weeks on residential, this half term has flown by! 

After half term, Year 5 will be planning and writing newspaper reports based on the book 'The Varmint', so we thought it would be beneficial for students to practice some of the skills they'll be using in their newspaper report over the break. 

What better way to do this than to write short diary entries during the half term break. Try to 

- write consistently in the past tense

- use direct or reported (indirect) speech

- use a range of conjunctions to extend your sentences. Think FANBOYS or ISAWAWABUB

- focus on one of your targets: plurals? articles? uncountable nouns? varying your word choice?

And make sure to do something fun everyday to inspire your writing.

Have a great half term break,

The Year 5 EAL team.

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