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First Meeting in VR - Day 19

I know it's the 21st and I should be on Day 19!

Today I met virtually with 3 librarians in Bangkok in a VR space called AltspaceVR using the Oculus Go.

 My first impressions:

Day 17 - Surface Studio 2

I really like the way in which this device makes you think differently about the way in which you interact with your work. I can see that you would be drawn (no pun intended) to pen and touch input. Having the ability to switch modes, from keyboard input to touch/draw, so effortlessly makes you want to used your hands in a different way. I just wish the cost were not so prohibitive. I can imagine our Art and DT teachers would love this as their main device in the classroom - along with many others too.

Taylor's Technology Tip #107 - Video Gaming Workshop for Parents

#107: Video Gaming Workshop for Parents

There is a Video Gaming Workshop for Parents coming up on Thursday 22nd November from 8am to 9.30am in the Conference Center. We will address the following areas:

  • The effects of gaming
  • Strategies for Parents of gamers
  • Gaming from a student perspective
  • Healthy or unhealthy? The warning signs of excessive gaming.

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