Drop Pins Libguide

This Libguide has lots of useful resources to help you complete your Drop Pins learning effectively.

If you have any questions about using this libguide ask your class teacher or contact your Head of Libraries Sally Flint safl@patana.ac.th or Teacher Librarian Mr Stephen Murgatroyd (Mr M) stmu@patana.ac.th. If you find any great resources that you think would be useful please email.

There are lots of useful websites for you to visit at home. Remember though that there are super books available in the library. Your parents can borrow up to 15 books each.

Here is the library catalogue that you can do your own key word search. Check out the books and DVDs resources, available in our library, which we know will be useful.

National Geographic is aimed at teachers, students and families. With a little help from an adult this is a superb place to get help with your Drop Pins unit.

This is an exceptionally good database that we strongly recommend you use. If you are having problems accessing the World Book Web from home, go to: www.worldbookonline.com

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