Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for Dance class and where can I buy it?

New dance academy uniforms are currently being designed and when they are ready they will be available to purchase from the school. With the exception of Ballet all students should wear either leggings, shorts, T-shirt or PE kit for all dance ECAs to ensure safety in lessons. Ballet uniforms consist of traditional pink ballet tights, ballet leotard and ballet shoes, cardigans and wrap around's are optional. 

What styles of Dance does the Academy offer? 

Please refer to the styles page for descriptions and styles offered within the academy. 

Will the annual Dance Extravaganza still take place? 

We have reserved the traditional dates on the calendar for Dance performances to showcase and celebrate each child’s learning throughout the year, however this events will be structured slightly differently, in that we plan to split it into a Senior and Junior Dance Extravaganza over two nights. More information about this exciting event will be shared at the Parents Coffee morning in Block 2 and before Block 3 commences.

Do you need to audition to join the Tigers Dance Academy?

Students do not need to audition to be part of the academy as it is fully inclusive and open to all students - there are over 20 different Dance ECAs to choose from. However, we will be holding auditions in block 2 for our new BPS Dance Company - students selected for this group will train on Fridays from 2:30 - 4:30pm. 

Does the Tigers Dance and Drama Academy offer examinations for Ballet and Jazz? 

We are currently researching possible examination boards we could partner with to offer examination Ballet and Jazz. More information coming soon. 

Does the Tigers Dance and Drama Academy offer options for all age groups?

Yes. The academy offers classes for students in Primary in Year 1 - 3, 4 - 6 and and in Secondary from Year 7 - Year 13. 

Are the Tigers Dance and Drama Academy classes levelled?

Yes and no...

In Y1 - 3 classes are not levelled, students dance and learn together.

In Y4 - 6 and Y7 - 13 we offer two levels of class in our most popular Dance styles - Beginner (for students who have been dancing that style for 1 year or less or are not yet confident in the basics) and Intermediate (for students who have been dancing that style for 2 or more years and have experience performing on stage with confidence). Students who are more Advanced than this should opt to audition for the BPS Dance Company our selective group. If you are unsure where to place your child you can seek advice and feedback from the Head of Dance. If we feel your child is in the wrong class we will reach out and discuss this with you.

How do I sign up for the Dance and Drama Academy?

You can sign up through the ECA sign up page on the online system.  

How should I pay for my classes?

The school will send you a bill via the school's Special Activities Invoice along with your other ECAs.

Will the Tigers Dance and Drama Academy offer holiday camps?

The academy are planning to launch these in 2019/2020. 

Can I still get the school bus if I take a Dance or Drama ECA after school?

Yes. There is a school bus at 3.30 and 4.30. There are no buses available if you take our 4:30pm ECAs.

What is the overall teaching philosophy of the Tigers Dance and Drama Academy? 

To offer a wide variety of Dance and Drama classes to all students at BPS, focusing on opportunities for all students to improve, progress and perform. The academy is fully inclusive and will be offering different levels for different abilities as well as launching a new selective Company that will consist of performers within the school. 

What performance opportunities will there be for students in the programme?

We will be creating for 2019/20 a full calendar of performance opportunities, that will not just be limited to an annual dance extravaganza. The academy will be hoping to hold Dance competitions, Dance Open Studio Nights, Dance exchanges with other BISAC/FOBISIA/SEASAC schools, assemblies and informal street dance.