Dance and Drama Pathways at BPS

Dance and Drama are highly valued performing arts at BPS. They are a feature of our curriculum AND extra-curricular provision. 

Primary School Performing Arts

In the Primary School students participate in specialist weekly music lessons and classroom teachers utilise drama to unlock and make real, all different aspects of the curriculum from literacy to history and even PSHE. Students get the opportunity to perform in Year-group and Key Stage Assemblies. The Primary School hold a biennial Musical, which is very popular with those students in Y5 and 6 who love to sing, act and dance. In 2019/20 this will be Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! The Primary School Musical is staffed by our Primary Drama Lead and a team of volunteer teachers.

Secondary School Performing Arts

The Secondary Performing Arts faculty has specialists in Music and Drama and classes are offered to all students in Key Stage 3 and then students can opt to take Drama or Music as a GCSE and we also offer IB Theatre and Music. The faculty regularly host visiting artists and participate in regional festivals such as ISTA. The Secondary Performing Arts faculty also offer a range of performance opportunities each year including:

- Senior Play

- KS3 Play - Monkey King was a spectacular of Physical Theatre in 2018/19.

- Biennial Musical - Hairspray was a hit in 2018/19!

Extra-Curricular Dance and Drama Academy

The Dance and Drama Academy offers the opportunity for students who have an aptitude and passion for dance and drama to spend more time developing these skills outside of the curriculum if they wish. There is a large range of classes on offer at various levels and styles and they predominantly happen after school between 2:30 - 4:30pm. The instructors are expert performers. The Academy is inclusive but in 2018/19 we introduced a selective BPS Dance Company, in time we hope to develop a similar BPS Theatre Company for more able actors and actresses.