What should I wear for Football and where can I buy it?

You should wear football boots, shin guards and our academy kit. This is available to buy from the school shop and will also be our kit for playing in fixtures. Our Secondary school teams will play in the Black seasonal kits, the Academy kit is Orange. The Primary school teams will have kits provided on the day of each tournament.

Does taking part in the Academy programme allow me to represent the school at BISAC and SEASAC?

The football academy is a stand alone programme which will enter into its own tournaments and fixtures. It is separate from the School tournaments (SEASAC AND BISAC) however the school teams will be run and co-ordinated by Football Academy coaches with some assistance from PE and academic staff with an interest and qualifications to Coach Football.

Do you need to trial to join the Tigers Football Academy?

Any keen Footballer can join the Academy, it is open access. You will be assessed and appropriately grouped once you join.

Does the Tigers Football Academy offer 11-a-side?

There will be an ECA offering 11 a side training and fixtures in Block 3 for the appropriate age groups.

Does the Tigers Football Academy offer Futsal?

There will be an ECA offering Futsal in Block 4, this is a great indoor game which hones footwork and develops speed from the comfort of an indoor air-conditoned environment.

Does the Tigers Football Academy offer options for all age groups?

The Football Academy currently offers sessions a weekend programme for U7-U13s. Older age groups will have ECA provision in short term with a view to having teams long term.

What’s the difference between the weekday ECAs and the weekend sessions?

The ECA sessions are fun, skills based with a view to improving players technical ability. The weekend programme will focus on players technical and tactical ability including playing in fixtures and tournaments.

How do I sign up for the Football Academy?

You sign up through the ECA sign up page.

How should I pay for my classes?

You will be billed via the school's Special Activities Invoice along with your other ECAs.

Will the Saturday programme follow the ECA Blocks and will it run every week?

Yes, the Saturday programme will be offered in four Blocks. Sign-up and billing will be managed in the normal way. However, certain external factors will affect if the programme is offered every week; Saturday training will not run on the first or last weekend of a school holiday; Saturday training will not run on public holiday weekends; Saturday training will not run on BISAC or SEASAC tournament weekends as our staff and/or facilities will be in use for those Championship events (you are most welcome to come along and cheer on the Tigers!). A schedule of available Saturdays’ will be published at ECA sign-up time and reminders will be sent out via email and be posted on our website.

In Block 1 the following Saturday’s will be available:

Saturday Sep 8

Saturday Sep 14

Saturday Sep 22

Saturday Sep 29

Saturday Oct 6

Saturday Oct 13 – No Training HM King Rama IX’s Memorial Long Weekend

Saturday Oct 20 –No Training October Half Term Break

Saturday Oct 27 - No Training October Half Term Break

Block 2 dates will be advertised during Block 2 sign-up.

What are the age groupings of the Football Academy groups?

Currently we have U7, U9, U11 and U13 we will be looking to add older age groups soon. As the programme grows we plan to split this into single age groups/year groups to give more opportunities to students in the lower end of the double year bands used in International Schools and align our programme with external Thai programmes.

Will the Tigers Football Academy offer holiday camps?

Yes – we will be looking to offer holiday camps when the football academy is fully established.

Can I still get the school bus if I take a Football Academy ECA after school?

Yes this will automatically be updated when your place in the Football Academy ECA has been confirmed.

What competitive opportunities will be available for Academy players?

Regular fixtures


Trips and tours

Pre-Season internal leagues

Community Futsal summer league​