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7 Body shaping for gymnastics to practice at home

There are some basic body shapes to practice and improve your gymnastics at home. Practicing these body shapes with good form is a great way to improve your gymnastics while you are at home.

Body shaping : 30 seconds each hold

1. Pike Handstand

Pike Stretch for recreational or absolute beginners

This is to help anyone who has zero or little to no flexibility. It does not matter where you start, if you practice consistently every day you will improve. If you do not stop over a year you will never imagine how flexible you will become!

Level 1 Boys - Shapes for Mushroom apparatus

This is from the Boys Level 1 Routine for "Pommel Horse". 

The gymnasts are simply supposed to show the correct shapes that are required for the Mushroom which is a training apparatus for the Pommel Horse.

This exercise can be done by both boys & girl as this routine is great for building strength & stability for the core, and strength in the shoulders.

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