Holiday Training

Private lessons, 1:1 can still take place during the holidays.

The school has allowed the Gymnastics Hall to be open for Private 1:1 lessons during the summer holiday, in accordance with the school’s Covid-19 preventive measures. All private lessons will also be logged in advance by the coach, so we have a record for contact tracing.

Dates: June 29th – 15th August. (27th- 31st July school is closed)
Days: Monday – Saturday
Times: 9am – 4:00pm

Please familiarise yourself with the infographic guidelines below.

One parent or guardian only & must be present at all times during the private lesson.

Usually coaches charge around 500Baht/hour for a private lesson.

For more information or to schedule a private lesson you can liaise with your coach directly or contact Coach Wah who will help arrange it for you.

Please note, as it is a school holiday there will most likely not be a school nurse on campus during holiday training or private lessons. In case of any emergency, all the coaches will follow the school’s emergency procedure with the Emergency Red Phone Policy which has a direct link to the hospital. We also have emergency contact details of all the parents and school Principals in the office and will be in direct contact. For minor injuries, we have a first aid kit and ice packs on site in the gymnastics hall. All coaches are trained in the EFR Emergency First Responder external course, up to date in both the School’s EpiPen and Concussion Management Policy.

No Summer Camp this year

To sign up for Gymnastics Team holiday training, please enter the Gymnasts' name on the days they would like to attend. If you would like to make any changes, please feel free to edit as you like

Holiday training is a fee-paying activity of 800 Baht/day. It will be billed to your school account.

If you have any questions please email Assistant Coach Wah

To sign up please click here