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Primary Bengal Tennis Challenge Award!

We would like to give a round of applause to all students who submitted a clips/photos from Primary Bengal tennis challenge and a clip of you practicing tennis at home. It takes a lot of work and commitment to become a good tennis player and we are proud of you for all that you are doing at home! We look forward to adding more names to celebrate your success as you earn more virtual sticker for the next coming week!

Congratulations to the players listed below who have all earned a virtual sticker from ‘Can you do it?’ Challenge

Bingo Tennis Challenge (Coach Gift)


Bingo Tennis Challenge is a set of weekly home based physical and tennis exercises designed to help a young tennis player (Primary Bengal) to develop their tennis skills. Each set of activity's involves 6 exercises and the goal is to try to practice them 5 rounds a day and 5 days a week!

Download 'Bingo Tennis Challenge' Explanation >> Click Here

Virtual match using skills challenge

We have set up a virtual match using skills challenges for tennis basketball and football with St Andrews. As you will see from the link below. In each sport, there are three levels of challenge with level 1 being easiest and level 3 hardest. This challenge is open to everyone from the Patana community- includes students staff parents maids drivers etc so we would like as many of you to get involved. Please wear Patana colours if you can. There will be a running score taking place. Please click on the link below. Have fun and Good luck.

Coach Dan’s Tennis Tips - Lesson 9

A series of exercises combining left and right hand.

Also, I have read the article about you can benefit from your brain by using your non-dominant hand. more to read about the article please click>>HERE<<

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