Try outs

The tryouts for the selective Junior Tigers and Tigers programme happen in August during the first two weeks of School - For 2019-2020 Junior Tigers tryouts are August 23rd, and 28th and Tigers tryouts are August 22nd, 26th, 27th, and 29th.

Try outs are open to any student who wants to play – many will be invited along especially for Junior Tigers from their progress the academic year before in Primary Bengals.

All Tigers players from the academic year before will be invited again to try out as no rollover occurs between one year and the next.

All selected students will be offered a place for the whole academic year.

Any student who does not attend the start of year try out can try out at other times usually at the start of a term and this is done by joining an actual session to see the comparison.

Team (U13, U15, and U19) tryouts take place at the start of each specific season – U13 in August, U19 in November and U15 in February and teams are picked on a standard.

All other tennis ECA’s are non-selective and sign up is done through the parent’s gateway.